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Caroline | Woodlands Texas Newborn

Two months ago, our lives changed dramatically, but this time our baby story has a happy ending… we welcomed our sweet little rainbow baby into the world on July 13, 2017. After 9 long months of hoping that this pregnancy would not end so dramatically like my twins. I had no idea how emotional pregnancy would be after a loss, and if you’re reading this, and that’s you, then I feel you, because as much as you can explain to others, it really doesn’t fully explain what’s going inside your head. Caroline was not due until August 3, but because of anxiety, and size (yes I was big… and baby girl was pretty big too) we decided it was best for everyone (mostly me) that she come early. So at 37 weeks, we went in for a c-section to meet our newest family member. When they pulled her out, it felt like an eternity before I heard her cry, and it made me incredibly nervous, but of course she cried, and the first words we heard were, ” OH MY GOD…” quickly followed by “look at the cheeks on this baby!” It was an incredible relief, and we fell so much in love. I didn’t know how my heart would handle another baby, but amazing my heart made more room for this new baby. I think a lot of time when a baby comes after a loss many people believe that the loss is gone, but that’s not true. I still miss my little boy so much, but we are incredibly blessed to have his sister here with us on earth. She has become a bright light in the hole that Jameson left behind, and she has given me a renewed love for motherhood in general. I missed these early days (between the NICU and grief) with Colt, and I am beyond thrilled to do them once again. I love cuddling this sweet baby, and kissing those chunky cheeks, and looking into those big blue eyes! She has brought us hope and love when what was left inside me had been drained. And for that, I am grateful for her and for her brother.  I think our other two kids are also pretty smitten:

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